With our access to product development services, and manufacturers, we can provide large budgeted feature films and projects to come full circle with project merchandise. Creation of merchandise will allow further reach and marketing of your project as a whole for greater audience reach.

BSEG Home Division

Provider of industry standard and cutting edge of home theater lines of products. Bringing low cost, high quality 4K displays, along with immersive theater audio equipment for an immersive experience. We will continue to push the boundaries of bringing the theater to life in the comforts of your own home with the BSEG Home Theater product line.

  • BSEG product line of television, and home theater displays.
  • Line of BSEG home audio equipment.
  • Specialized services in setting up large scale theater systems for home as well as commercial setups.

BSEG Healthcare

BSEG has created a special division for healthcare services and products. It’s a professional institute providing health care, youth maintenance products and female rejuvenation with top doctors in the US.

  • Value added products such as action figures, posters, ebooks, literature, video games, board games, etc.
  • Healthcare services, procedures, and screenings.
  • Creams and aesthetic services.
  • Targeted female health therapies.

Note the above are generalities of the merchandise services we offer. Please contact us for more information regarding how we can provide the product lines your business or project needs.

About Us

BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

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