Providing project and creative marketing and media advertising services, creative planning and scripting of television/web-series, planning for film events and festivals.

Marketing Strategies and Core Support

Building strategies and materials in using updated new media models, app development, and meeting the current trends of new multiple media and streaming network business models. Investments in our various projects and investments will be secure with the support of BSEG Media.

Creative Services

Besides the core services of marketing and getting a media project to the best audience will need creative materials to attract attention. BSEG Media will work with you to create the artwork, taglines, and catch phrases and music to promote your project.

BSEG Media division can provide the following value added creative services but not limited to:

  • Film posters and covers
  • Soundtrack creation
  • Investor packets and materials
  • Digital content for advertising and marketing strategies

Festival and Events

Hosting and creating our own events and festivals, we also work to attend and showcase our and our client products to the world in prestigious events. We showcase in such world-renowned events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale, Sundance Film Festival, and many more. We have also had a hand in making successful the International Hollywood Film Festival where over 250 films and projects were featured.

Hollywood International Film Festival Annual Event

We created the Hollywood International Film Festival (USHIFF) successfully. 230 films from 28 countries had participated. We setup award ceremonies and screening in Hollywood, and many major medias from different countries reported it. We will build our Chinese International Film Exchange Center (CHiFex) and Hong Kong International Film Exchange Center (HKiFex), which will expand our ability in media investment and exchange opportunities. We hope to build a new film investment and exchange e-commerce platform in the near future for easy access to a multitude of products and media platforms!

We use various techniques, forums, and trends to create the most eye-popping and attention grabbing marketing materials. Allow BSEG Media to create the necessary attention to reach your target audiences.

About Us

BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

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