Have an idea or script you think would be great to have on the BIG Screen, or Silver Screen, maybe even just online for all to view? Our project planning services will take stock of your project and see how best it would fit in the international market. Our team will go over all points of your next project to see where best it should be marketed to, budget creation and financial analysis, and the steps and capital needed for creation, production, marketing, licensing, and distribution.

Planning and Finding Financing

Once our team evaluates your project and you decide to work with us on moving forward, we can help find the right amount of financing to create your works. We will have various investors standing by to provide the right amount of financing, and terms of agreement to get your project up and running.

  • Evaluation of projects timelines and costs.
  • Determination of demographics and marketing of project for production and distribution and capital requirements for each segment.
  • Acquiring financing and terms for servicing and producing project.
  • Create cost and profit projections based on prior analysis and requirements.

We work with you to provide the building blocks for professional production, and development of al types of media. Once planned and financed, we will also help you distribute your products.

About Us

BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

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