This program is designed to give those who desire to start a career in professional television and film special effects the tools they need to succeed. The course will consist of a total of 300 training hours in the following disciplines digital modeling and sculpting, animation, visual effects, studio production. We also provide course materials on resume building and production experiences.

Introduction to Digital Modeling

Hours: 54

This course will be instruction on using modeling software like Modo and ZBrush to create studio level models. Students will have a concrete knowledge of hard surface and organic modeling techniques, material properties, 3D lighting & rendering, and procedural & image based texture mapping.

Digital Modeling and Sculpting

Hours: 48

Further introducing students into the world of 3D modeling. Students will have a concrete knowledge of hard surface and organic modeling techniques, digital sculpting and creating UV’s.

Animation Fundamentals

Hours: 54

Although our program features visual effects training, character animation is a key aspect of building a repertoire for employment. Students will learn to work with types of animation including mechanical rigging, camera work, previsualization and motion capture.

Visual Effects

Hours: 54

This course will give students a solid understanding of visual effects production for film and television. Students who complete this class will have an understanding of film effects history, node and layer based compositing, rotoscoping, greenscreen keying, color grading, 2D/3D tracking, crowd replication, matte painting, set extensions, particle simulations, fluid dynamics and stereoscopic conversion techniques.

Studio Production

Hours: 48

This course will give students a real world understanding of what it is like to work on a stereoscopic Hollywood production. Students will have an understanding of visual effects history, industry standard production techniques, typical 3D/VFX production pipelines, the importance of working as a team, how to apply problem solving skills to meet production deadlines and the various techniques used in the industry for stereoscopic 3d conversion.

ESL Special Effect Production

Hours: 18

Learn the language and terms used by film and television professionals in the visual effects industry.

American Film Industry Culture

Hours: 6

Learn the traditions and culture of Hollywood for students to understand the profession they want to go into.

Film Industry Regulations

Hours: 6

Learn specific laws and regulations that effect employment in film and television.

Resume Building

Hours: 6

Learn how to construct a professional resume that will stand out from the competition.

Joining the Field of Hollywood Visual Effects

Hours: 6

Tips and tricks on landing a job in Hollywood and the film industry.

Additional Opportunities

For an additional fee, students will have the opportunity to visit studios and film sets to see first hand how projects get made.

Exam and Graduation

When the student successfully completes the course and passes the final examination, there will be a graduation ceremony and celebration. Additionally, the student will receive a certificate of diploma, a reference letter and a graduation photo to go along with the student’s resume.

Total Course Hours

300 hrs.

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