This program is designed to give those who desire to become a professional singer the tools they need to succeed. The course will consist of a total of 300 training hours in the following disciplines of music theory, vocal training, auditory analysis. We will introduce you to industry professionals and work with you to build your resume and experience.

There are two courses to the Voice Training Program. There is the basic length program with a total of 300 hours of training and material, and a 60 day program with 201 hours of training and material completed in 60 days.

Musical Theory

  • Hours (Full): 27
  • Hours (60Day): 24

This course will teach students the basics of music theory which will be the foundation of everything else the student will encounter in this course.

Vocal Training

  • Hours (Full): 153
  • Hours (60Day): 99

The bulk of the course will be focused around building the student’s vocal ability. This will include studying breathing and support muscles used in signing, positioning the mouth for different notes, the principles of intonation, different singing styles and techniques, theoretical and practical study of range and types of voice.

Auditory Analysis

  • Hours (Basic): 40
  • Hours (60Day): 27

It is important that singers are able to recognize the various modes used live and on recordings in order to achieve a desired sound. This course will train singers to recognize key elements from live and recorded performance to incorporate into their own repertoire.

Industry Roundtable

  • Hours (Basic): 12
  • Hours (60Day): 9

This forum course will give students the opportunity to talk to people within the industry. With attendances and speeches by professional musicians, producers and support personnel, the student will have an opportunity to get important questions answered.

Individual Study

  • Hours (Basic): 32
  • Hours (60Day): 21

This will allow the students to take their favorite pieces of vocal music, break it down to understand its structure, and sing it.

American Language Terms

  • Hours (Basic): 18
  • Hours (60Day): 12

Learn the language and terms used by singing professionals.

American Culture

  • Hours (Basic): 6
  • Hours (60Day): 3

Learn the traditions and culture of America and how they have come to influence American music.

Resume Building

  • Hours (Basic): 6
  • Hours (60Day): 3

Learn how to construct a professional, industry specific resume that will stand out from the competition.

Becoming a Professional Singer

  • Hours (Basic): 6
  • Hours (60Day): 3

Tips and tricks on becoming a professional singer.

Additional Opportunities

For an additional fee, students will have the opportunity to visit professional recording studios to learn how a song goes from concept to creation.

Exam and Graduation

When the student successfully completes the course and passes the final examination, there will be a graduation ceremony and celebration. Additionally, the student will receive a certificate of diploma, a reference letter and a graduation photo to go along with the student’s resume.

Total Course Hours
  • Hours (Basic): 300
  • Hours (60Day): 201

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