This program is designed to give those who desire to start a career in professional television and film makeup styling the tools they need to succeed. The course will consist of a total of 306 training hours in the following disciplines beauty make-up, airbrush make-up, photographic hairstyling, character make-up, prosthectic make-up, special effects make-up, and more. We will work with you to build your resume, and professional experiences in your profession.

Beauty Makeup

Hours: 48

This class teaches students basic beauty techniques, film and television glamour and period beauty makeup. It provides the background in beauty essential to makeup artists of all disciplines.

Airbrush Makeup

Hours: 12

Learn airbrush makeup techniques for daily wear, glamour, high definition film and television and camouflage techniques.

Photographic Hairstyling

Hours: 12

This class helps familiarize makeup students with the process of basic hairstyling. The skills learned in this class will compliment the makeup techniques learned in other classes to turn the student into a well-rounded stylist.

Character Makeup

Hours: 48

Focuses on character development with an emphasis on the fundamental elements of prosthetic application and special make-up effects. Students will also learn a variety of special make-up effect skills including the creation of simulated injuries and ageing makeup as well as the application of effects like bald caps and facial hair.

Prosthetic Makeup

Hours: 48

Teaching students the process of realistic prosthetic makeup application from start to finish to expand their repertoire.

Special Effects Makeup

Hours: 48

Students will create multi-piece molds and learn about advanced special effects lab technique, materials and processes. This class is a must for those who want to have a career in creature and special FX makeup.

TV & Film Wardrobe Styling

Hours: 48

Learn about wardrobe styling for film, television and theatre including basic study in color matching and wardrobe creation.

ESL Special Makeup

Hours: 18

American Film Industry Culture

Hours: 6

Learn the traditions and culture of Hollywood for students to understand the profession they want to go into.

Film Industry Regulations

Hours: 6

Learn specific laws and regulations that effect employment in film and television.

Resume Building

Hours: 6

Learn how to construct a professional resume that will stand out from the competition.

Becoming a Professional Hollywood Makeup Artist or Stylist

Hours: 6

Tips and tricks on landing a job in Hollywood and the film industry.

Additional Opportunities

For an additional fee, students will have the opportunity to visit studios and film sets to see first hand how projects get made.

Exam and Graduation

When the student successfully completes the course and passes the final examination, there will be a graduation ceremony and celebration. Additionally, the student will receive a certificate of diploma, a reference letter and a graduation photo to go along with the student’s resume.

Total Course Hours

306 hrs.

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