This program is designed to give those who desire to become a professional actor for film and television the tools they need to succeed. The course will consist of a total of 300 training hours of improvisation, scene study, cold reading exercises, and more. We will introduce you to industry professionals and work with you to build your resume and experience.


Hours: 27

This course will teach students the basic of improvisational acting. This will help develop communication skills and teach the student to think quickly and turn it into a performance.

Scene Study

Hours: 108

The bulk of the course will be focused around studying select scenes from classic Hollywood films. Students will have the opportunity to reenact these scenes and see themselves on camera. This helps develop the actor’s sense of timing, comfort in front of the camera, and emotional beats. Students will learn about themselves and their acting range with feedback on each performance.

Cold Reading Exercises

Hours: 54

This course will give the actor or actress the opportunity to put their own spin on a selected scene. Being able to adapt and perform with any material is important for developing a performers range and understanding scene structure.

Hollywood Roundtable

Hours: 12

This forum course will give students the opportunity to meet the creative side of a film. With attendances and speeches by Hollywood actors, director and casting directors, students will get a perspective of the industry from the inside and an opportunity to get important questions answered.

Film Study

Hours: 48

This course will focus on expanding the students exposure to great acting performances in Hollywood films by screening and discussing a select slate of productions.

ESL Film Terms

Hours: 18

Learn the language and terms used by film and television professionals.

American Film Industry Culture

Hours: 6

Learn the traditions and culture of Hollywood for students to understand the profession they want to go into.

Resume Building

Hours: 6

Learn how to construct a professional, industry specific resume that will stand out from the competition.

Becoming a Professional Actor

Hours: 6

Tips and tricks on landing a job in Hollywood and the film industry.

Additional Opportunities

For an additional fee, students will have the opportunity to visit studios and film sets to see first hand how projects get made.

Exam and Graduation

When the student successfully completes the course and passes the final examination, there will be a graduation ceremony and celebration. Additionally, the student will receive a certificate of diploma, a reference letter and a graduation photo to go along with the student’s resume.

Total Course Hours

300 hrs.

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