BSEG works to create educational and industry opportunities for individuals interested in film production, creation, editing, and more. This is one initiative with many more coming to grow interest and foster new talent in the industry.

BSEG attended the 2016 Golden Globe awards foreign language nominations as well as the question and answer session.

BSEG attended and helped host the annual Hollywood International Film Festival in Los Angeles. BSEG provided services as well as worked to expand network connections and industry contacts.

Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) was founded in 2005. It is the most authoritative and influential annual Chinese American cultural event connecting two of world’s largest film markets. BSEG attends to promote and market our services, products and media, as well as expand and grow industry network connections.

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Los Angeles festival event develops talent, creates opportunity, and expands our understanding of the craft. They unite the Hollywood and UK Industries, and serve as a beacon to discover the latest wave of British talents.

Jimmy Jiang head of the board of directors and majority shareholder sign agreements with Mel Gibson to collaborate on a project in the future.

Recognizing and Awarding the outstanding contributions made to fashion by individuals from all areas of the industry and related arts.

The IFSM Excellence Fashion Innovation Awards are staged by IFSM Fashion Production within the IFSM Fashion Week in Nov, 2015, the one of the trend and style forecaster in the entertainment capitol of the world, Hollywood Ca.

Jimmy Jiang and FegiFund worked to develop a relationship, and reach an agreement for a new film with Bruce Willis starring. Jimmy spearheaded along with his company the creation and signing of this contract.

The Sino-America international TV and film festival is now running a few years. BSEG helps to host and setup the festival as well as connect and expand industry networking contacts.

BSEG directors attended an performance for the Chinese new year celebrating the skills and talent of many in the Chinese culture. BSEG worked to expand industry network contacts and connections during the performance festival.

U.S China Film and Television Industry (UCFTI) expo and the UCFTI Association works year-round to produce the annual Expo, as well as foster relationships to connect the United States and Chinese film and television industries, and develop relationships among professionals for financial deals, partnerships, joint ventures, exchange, training, and cooperation.

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BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

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