BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Stock Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly trade entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

BSEG is headquartered at its corporate offices in Beverly Hills, California, and has been under new management since 2005. Originally founded in 1995 under Blue Shadows, Inc., BSEG has a 22 year history. BSEG has consistently grown and expanded over the years. However, with the formation of BSEG Holdings, this sets a milestone in BSEG's 22 year history as it is taking BSEG to a whole new level in terms of structure, foundation, accomplishment an realization.

BSEG has become a media conglomerate with divisions in film, television, digital media and music. BSEG's team of professionals have over 100 years combined experience within the entertainment industry.

The BSEG team has worked with many of Hollywood’s top A-List talent in all sectors from Writers, Actors, Directors, Producers, Editors, Sound Editors, Visual Effects Artists and top Studios. Many of whom have been involved with the biggest grossing movies worldwide. Big Screen Entertainment has become know as a knowledgeable and reliable name in the industry that is recognizable and has established successful international relationships for major film productions.

BSEG is a leader in American independent cinema and television production. BSEG is a media conglomerate with divisions in film and television production, sales and distribution, music and gaming. It has over 500 films/TV to license out with its licensing partners.

BSEG’s movies have premiered at the world’s most prestigious film festivals and markets and have premiered at the largest theatrical chains in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom, France, England, Latin America, India, Japan and Germany. BSEG films have been distributed in America’s to retail outlets and all media formats. BSEG has partnered with top Hollywood studios and talent such a Lionsgate, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., as well as corporate distribution alliances in films and television. BSEG has positioned the company for continuous growth in the coming years with the advent of BSEG Holdings, we will now be positioned for a whole new level of operation and achievement.

Big Screen Entertainment Group over the years has participated in major international film market in Europe, such as Berlinale, Cannes International film market, Marche du Film, the American Film Marke in Santa Monica, Toronto International Film Festival, Sitges, Marabella and the Sundance Film Festival.

BSEG is currently setting up a subsidiary "Big Entertainment International" in France. Big Entertainment International aims to establish long-term relationships with suppliers in France for distribution and filmmaking.

BSEG has formed many relationships with top Chinese partners, and is actively developing th Chinese entertainment market; providing the most advanced Hollywood technology, business models an film markets in the US and the world to share with the Chinese film industry since 2010.

BSEG has signed several formal Agreements to cooperate with some of the best Chinese entertainment companies. BSEG welcomes China's film and television products through BSEG' professional channels to enter the United States for production, marketing, promotion and distribution.

We unreservedly provide the best all-round service and cooperation with our Chinese partners.

Since 2014, BSEG has carried out a major re-organization. Originally BSEG only focused on film and television production, services and distribution. Through a great deal of hard work and much energy, BSEG is ready to launch into new fields of operation: New Media Entertainment, Education, Advance Home Theater, Health Care Products and Merchandising.

BSEG also joined into a relationship with a great consulting team from Wall Street to bring about strength, knowledge, cooperation and better use of the public capital markets in the US to develop BSEG.

After more than a year of hard work and building a solid infrastructure, Big Screen Entertainment Group has now created BSEG Holdings. The purpose of BSEG Holdings is to change the structure o BSEG's trading by moving up in trading tiers, take advantage of financing options, seek favorable investment opportunities for the company and create the most robust concepts for the BEST future of the Company. In addition, BSEG Holdings will carry out overall control of the company's financial, legal, publicity, investor relations, marketing and large projects.

Various branches of BSEG will now be split into the following subsidiaries:

  • Big Screen Pictures: has been set up as an independent company, which will be in charge o development, production, film, television, commercial service division as well as the distribution. Big Screen Pictures has been actively developing new projects with several production companies in China as well as Red Granite Pictures in the US. Big Screen Pictures continues to expand its distribution int the Asian market place.
  • BSEG Education: BSEG is also focused on expanding into education, including building a university for foreign exchange students, known as American Big Screen Education Center.
  • BSEG Media: focuses on advertising, television/web-series, film events and festivals, marketing partnership as well as an International New Media company.
  • BSEG Merchandise: We are also building a special institute – BSEG Healthcare. A professional institute providing special care with youth maintenance products and female rejuvenation with top doctors in the US.
  • BSEG Merchandise: In the near future, we will bring the most advanced LED-4K home theatre to our top consumers – BIG Screen Home.
  • BSEG Capitals will focus on large projects, such as big budget studio films, mergers an acquisitions, capital markets, investments and others fields of industry.

Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG) will now obtain a more brilliant future.

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BSEG Holdings was established in 2015. BSEG Holdings is 100% wholly owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group ("BSEG"). BSEG Holdings marks a milestone to officially embark on new areas of expansion. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded entertainment company that has been on the US stock market since 2005.

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